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Does Nick Terry of Exeter and Sergey Romanov want DEAD Jews?

In a recent posting by Larry ( an HBW member ) Roberto Muehlenkamp and his hate blogger colleagues were called out for their glorifcation of the Holocaust by conintually plastering their posts with images of dead Jewish victims. They posted with glee at all the corpses they managed to pile up in the endless but shameful photos.

They of course responded in kind by attacking the website and its founders, who have absoluely nothing to do with the discussion or forum.

However an interesting post appeared today on the CODOH revisionist forum, discussing the Holocaust Controversies Hate Bloggers: Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov, Roberto Muehlenkamp, Andrew Mathis, etc. here is a snippet (note the section in red)

Re: 'Holocaust Controversies' problems / images

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Cloud wrote:

Does anyone know the reason, why he behaves like this? What is the motivation of this guy? Or what is the motivation of any Anti-German Germans anyway.

What motivates exterminationists in general? Why do they have such a need to prove revisionists wrong? Why do exterminationists frequently resort to using hostility, intimidation, and vulgarities, rather than reason? And If revisionists are right, why exactly would that be a bad thing? Who badly wants the jews to die in gas chambers, the revisionist or the exterminationist?

Fair question Cloud. I think in the case of Muehlenkamp and his associates, the debate and controversy is what's important. Not historical accuracy either one way, or the other.


Blog Buster!

The interesting part of this thread is the revisionist poster "Cloud" makes a good point. "who really wanted there to be dead Jews"? Well obviously Roberto Muehlenkamp does. He loves to post images of it, he drones on endlessly (for years) about it. He denies his own family took part in the slaughter (yet this remains to be proven), and his hate blog associates are also infatuated with the topic.

Nick Terry of Exeter has written volumes on the gruesome murder of Jews. Andrew Mathis has been involved in numerous online fights and threat sessions!

The bottom line is these guys from Holocaust Controvers have an agenda that is founded on dead Jews!

They want the countless millions to have died so they can profit on it in some warped way!

I've heard that there are emails from Michael Peters (HANS) that discuss trying to make a salary off of producing Holocaust website graphics of dead Jews! Peters referred to thes depraved images as "artwork" but email complaints to the ARC people resulted in the removal of the crap Peters posted (perhaps if they accepted the ARC challenge some of this might come to light)

These guys disgust me!


P.S the drunk NexGen is just a moron who gets off on the pictures whilst drunk.

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Your post is factual and despite all the bullshit claims that will undoubtedly be posted on RODOH to deny they glorify the Holocaust for some personal profit, the posts are there to be read by any inclined to type in the words: Holocaust controversies hate bloggers! The RODOH forum is chock full of Roberto "dead Jew" glorification's! They can't escape their own actions.


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