Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More news on the cowards Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov, Roberto Muehlenkamp and Andrew Mathis

HolocaustControversies hate bloggers prove they are cowards!

Roberto Muehlenkamp cowers from the Hate Blog Watch challenge!

Cowardly hate blogger Roberto Muehlenkamp challenges CODOH member but fails to accept the ARC challenge!


Holocaust thief and hate blogger Roberto Muehlenkamp gets into pissing contest with a REV on CODOH

Nick Terry, Roberto Muehlenkamp, Romanov, and Mathis - RUINED CAREERS!

The emasculated Sergey Romanov!

Why Nick Terry of Exeter University SUCKS!

Why Nick Terry of Exeter Universtiy SUCKS!

Nick Terry's hate blog isn't just stealing from ARC, now its copying HEART!

What's the deal with Andrew Mathis PHD ?

The latest news on Holocaust Hate bloggers Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov and Roberto Muehlenkamp!

More humiliation for Nick Terry, Roberto Muehlenkamp, and Sergey Romanov as their hate blog continues to steal from ARC!

RODOH closes shop as an active forum! HateBlogWatch drops another den of Holocaust iniquity!

Nick the-pig Terry comes out of hiding to admit RODOH is dead!

Nick Terry of Exeter and his failed hate blog!

Lame holocaust hate blog founded by Nick Terry, Andrew E. Mathis, and Sergey Romanov drops another few MILLION points in the Internet rankings!

Public Enemy - Holocaust Controversies Hate bloggers!

A glimpse into the murky past of Hate Blogger Nick Terry - the pig of Exeter!

Holocaust Controversies kook, Andrew Mathis bitch slapped on Hate Blog Watch

Holocaust Controversies hate blog forgers expose "other" forgers!

Michael Peters (HANS) goes off the deep end on CODOH!


Let's not forget Michael Peters aka (HANS)

Happy Easter-Passover to the Holocaust Controversies hate bloggers! May you change your ways!