Dearest forum members and anonymous guests:

In light of the lack of courage exhibited by the Holocaust Controversies criminal hate blog team, and their reluctance to accept the ARC challenge. We are putting forth a new global proposal --

Hate Blog Watch forum members will arrange for, and assume all costs for the implementation of an International Audio and Web conference to discuss the matter of the ARC attacks, fakes and forgeries, the smear campaigns, and of course the suitability of hate bloggers to combat revisionism!

We are willing to accommodate the following parameters:

1.) 50 attendee seats, paid for by us and by scheduled invitation.

2.) Attendees can be from anywhere in the world and provided with a toll-free number

3.) Web based conference (in real time) so evidence being dicussed, can also be displayed and shared amongst all participants.

4.) A conference moderator paid for by HBW and we can agree collectively on the moderation rules.

5.) The challenge/debate will be open to all people, Holocaust Debunkers, Deniers, the Holocaust Controversies criminals, RODOH nut jobs, and those members of the ARC team willing to participate.

6.) The conference audio and video will be recorded, and HBW will post the media file publicly so all interested parties can review it at their liesure.

7.) Can schedule the conference on a Saturday morning around 9am Central, designed to accommodate the time zones from Chicago - Moscow.

Will the Holocaust Controversies criminals accept this challenge?

From our perspective, we have made this extremely easy for them to attend. Simply dial a toll free number and connect to an internet link.. (you don't have to meet us in person)

We can discuss the rules of engagement publicly, either here on HBW or on the lame RODOH site, ... (heck we can even do it on CODOH if people want).

So what do you say Nick, Sergey, Melon?