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Nick Terry admits he founded Holocaust Controversies and is made to look a fool on CODOH

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Here is the full link: Is Nick Terry suitable?

Below is an excerpt"

Re: Questions on Nick Terry's suitability to issue challenge

Postby PotPie » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:34 pm

Blogbuster wrote:However it goes even further than that. As we we see in the links I have posted that, Dr. Terry and Roberto Muehlenkamp's nemesis, the Hate Blog Watch people claim, and with great enthusiasm I might add, that the original Holocaust Controversies bunch were involved in forged historical documents and photographs.

Interesting... Where can I find out more info on this? I'd like to weigh the evidence of their actions myself.

*EDIT* I seem to have found a forum page with accusations, at any rate, and a confirmation of some kind of shenanigans by the ARC guys. What on earth in the hell has been going on here while I've been in class?

Oh God, and if this isn't enough, check out Terry's Exeter
page: ... /teaching/

Dr Nicholas Terry

Modules Taught

•HIH1296 - Forging Modern Europe

•HIH1537 - Divided Germany 1945-1990

•HIH2001 - Doing History: Perspectives on Sources

•HIH3575 - The Cold War


OH wait wait wait.. It's getting worse... ... -historian

Holocaust denial is slowly becoming a thing of the past, according to a leading authority who claims there are only three or four "pure denial experts".

Dr Nicholas Terry, founder of the anti-denial blog Holocaust Controversies, told a Leicester University conference that denial these days has "great brand recognition, but almost zero customers".

Dr Terry, a historian at Exeter University, said: "My assessment is that there have been around 100 authors since the 1940s who have written what can be considered pure denial books or pamphlets.

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