As if being thoroughly humiliated by the ARC wasn't enough for the Holocaust Controversies hate bloggers, they have to go and try to steal from Chris Webb again!

Remember this post: Roberto Muehlenkamp Bitch Slapped

Well the following appeared on warning visitors of the HC hate blog links:

Clearly this was done in response to continued attacks and links by the HC hate blog as reported in this thread:

Muehlenkamp tries to plunder ARC again!

Basically, the HC hate bloggers contiue to post links to the ARC website in some desperate attempt to associate themselves with the renowned Holocaust scholar Mr. Chris Webb.
However the ARC team isn't taking this theft lightly, and have posted a disclaimer on every page that Muehlenkamp, Terry or Romanov link to!

Here are some examples of links posted in the HC blog, that now have the disclaimer:

...and another link to the Gerstein Report:

Hey Roberto, Terry, Romanov, don't you idiots ever stop making fools of yourselves?

I can't wait until Sophie posts all the evidence exposing you clowns!


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