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Hate Blogger from Exeter - Dr. Nick Terry called criminal on revisionist forum!

The Hate Blogger of Exeter, Dr. Nick Terry, along with his controversial team of well documented hate mongers, the infamous Sergey Romanov and Roberto Muehlenkamp, were exposed on the CODOH forum today.

The CODOH discussion focused on the hate forum RODOH and the Holocaust Controversies hate blog run by Nick Terry.

The most telling aspect of the discussion was the revelation of the criminal actions of the Holocaust Controversies hate blog team, see the excerpt below:

Re: RODOH forum tries to bait CODOH
members to join them.


Drew J
» Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:42 am

It seems Roberto isn't impressed with me quoting those blog

http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... .html#more

Update, 09.12.2010:

Witness Drew J sinking to the lowest levels of
imbecility (or shall we say mendacity?) by endorsing
the inane falsehoods proclaimed by compulsive liar
Carmelo Lisciotto on this pituable psychopath's fake
blogs and in forum monologues between his various

Is Drew J really that stupid?

Is he really such a hopeless sucker?

Or is he a compulsive liar like "Blogbuster"
Lisciotto himself?

Our readers may decide.

On this article he says,

http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... codoh.html

And poor Cesspit Clown Carto's Cutlass Supreme is
aloof and out of touch, as usual:

I have to say that someone starting
to imitate and confuse with seems
dishonest to me.

That would be dishonest indeed, if not for the fact
that was set up by ARC members who
disagreed with Chris Webb's and Carmelo Lisciotto's
policy of promoting fake documents on
(as described here). The intent was to preserve the
authentic information, cleared from "Andy Schmidt's"

So Roberto is saying that was NOT set up by
him or Romanov, but by ARC members who hate Webb and
Lisciotto, two supposed fakers? What are the names of these
men who splintered into the ARC2 group and made death-camps
with a dash? Roberto is saying that what is said here in
part three. In other words this is a lie. ... an-on.html

But if an ARC splinter group made death-camps with a dash,
then are THEY the ones who altered wikipedia links instead
of Romanov, Terry or Muehlenkamp? Is Roberto saying that
him, Nick Terry and Sergy Romanov had NO hand in altering
links on wikipedia that changed from deathcamps to
death-camps? He does seem to say an ARC splinter group did
that instead. Is that true or not? I see Romanov defending
death-camps with a dash. That can mean he only likes the
site and didn't do the altering himself? As Muehlenkamp
paints it, he and his group were in ARC, they found fakes
from a fanatic named Andy, talked about it, were admitted
Andy was on the edge, but then Muehlenkamp and co. were
kicked out of ARC.

Furthermore, Muehlenkamp says that Andy, someone from the
original ARC team years ago, presented some evidence of
which turned out to be phony. Most notably, the alleged
photo of the Teblinka tube which was in fact a photo taken
from a dvd that was flipped horizontally and then put in
black and white instead.

http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot. ... fakes.html

Muehlenkamp also claims that he exposed this forgery to
someone on the ARC team named Mike, who admitted that Andy
was questionable and that people didn't seem to want to
question the material he brought in because they wanted to
believe everything because they were so dedicated to
documenting the holocaust.

Fine. Whatever. Although I do agree with Robero that
particular photo of the Treblinka tube was crap. What I am
curious about is why, if a splinter ARC group, I'll call
them ARC2 was so mad at Chris Webb and carmelo lisciotto,
these latter two who are still associated with, and call
themselves to this day the genuine ARC team, and these guys
are wrong about Roberto, then why is it that Nick Terry
stopped linking to the ARC website as shown here? ... aling.html

and ... -ARC-.html

If Terry, Muehlenkamp and Romanov are in the right on this
issue, why are they stopping? FOR WHAT REASON ARE THEY DOING
THIS? What are they afraid of? Legal action? How come if
they are innocent of doing what those on hateblogwatch have
accused them of? Occam's Razor dictates there needs to be a
reason to explain this phenomena. Funny how Roberto has not
taken the time to explain the change in Terry's behavior if
they are the innocent ones who are suffering from lies and
smears of an ARC splinter group that was jealous of how they
were the first to spot forgeries submitted within the ARC
group by a nutter named Andy. What has terrified them into
changing their ways? What does the ARC team of Webb and
Lisciotto have on them? Is the hateblogwatch crowd going to
talk about it here, ... -foru.html

since they are obviously reading this topic?

Furthermore, why would Roberto want to become a member of
the hateblogwatch forum, after he denied their first offer,
and after they have allegedly been making up lies about him
for years? Why would he want to associate on the same board
with people who lie and slander him when he can just defend
himself on his own blog? Did he merely hope to get a chance
to tell his side of the story and nothing more despite
having disagreements with these people who nevertheless
offered him a place on their forum the first time (which he
turned down)? Because that I can believe. And if they were
genuine about letting him come then, why not now? Why the
denial? Was it because the holocaust controversies team kept
linking to ARC despite warnings not to? Did they stop the
ARC links at holocaustcontroversies in the hopes they would
make a second offer to Muehlenkamp and possibly the rest of
his group to finally come to the hateblogwatch forum? I
wonder. Could that explain the change of ARC linking heart?


Drew J

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Re: RODOH forum tries to bait CODOH
members to join them.


» Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:27 am


My understanding from communicating with the ARC people is
that Romanov, Terry and Muehlenkamp all worked in collusion
to attack that site.

They had an insider named Mike Peters, whom they used to
insert the forged documents and fake Treblinka photo onto

It was also this Peters fellow that was in reality, the
mysterious Andy Schmidt, that bogus character they created
to deflect culpability.

They (HC Crowd), then wove an elaborate fabrication (most
likely created by Nick Terry), to attempt to steal the ARC
site from its founder Chris Webb.

But Webb was no push over, and in order to save his own good
name and reputation, brought in outside assistance, namely
the IT expert Lisciotto, the guy Roberto and Romanov seems
to hate so much.

Apparently with Lisciotto's help they were able to prove the
forgeries, remove them all, cleanse the ARC website, boot
the bad guys (Peters, Terry, Muehlenkamp and Romanov), all
whilst restoring the damage done by Sergey Romanov's
vandalism of ARC.

Defeated; Romanov, Terry, Muehlenkamp and others setup about
creating a mirror site of ARC with the dash
as opposed to the
real site

They went on Wikipedia changing all the links that did not
have the dash (which existed there for years, check the
dates), to their fake site with the dash.

They then cross - site spammed the real deathcamps and went
on a smear campaign against Chris Webbs other site

Needless to say, Webb wasn't thrilled about these attacks
and took legal action.

He protected his copyright and had Sergey Romanov's fake ARC
with the dash, banned on
Google, banned on Wikipedia, banned on Bing,Yahoo,,
, finally removed completely from the

So if Chris Webb was able to legally have these legitimate
search engine companies ban the Romanov/Muehlenkamp/Terry
forgery, it was only because
he was the legitimate owner with legitimate legal proof

We all know that these organizations (Google, Yahoo, etc),
do not put themselves at legal risk by removing a website
without proof, their legal teams would not approve such a
move based upon anecdotes.

Yet anecdotes and vitriol
are all we ever seem to get from Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov,
and Roberto Muehlenkamp.

If they deny the truth of their actions, why is Nick Terry
avoiding the questions and failing to respond?


To continue the saga, once the HC crowd was booted from ARC
and they lost their chance to steal that website from Webb,
they went ballistic and have been since, slandering and
attacking Webb and Lisciotto incessantly for years,
including launching Internet virus’s and all sorts of nasty

That’s the story I’m told, and the evidence I’ve seen which
includes threats of attack against Webb and Lisciotto by
Romanov, the history and timelines of the Google banning,
the attacks, the smears, etc.

All show that Romanov, Terry, Muehlenkamp are dishonest
people and really have no place debating for or against
truth in any forum.

They are psychopathic liars and dangerous people.

In fact they have shown themselves willing to commit
criminal acts.


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