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What's being discussed on the Hate Blog Watch Forum?


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Dear Readers,

Nick Terry the rotund one, wrote on RODOH on the 15th November 2010

"Pretty much everything has been covered in some form or another topic-wise in the past seven years, what gets posted now is usually just a refinement of a past discussion and fits under an existing umbrella."

At last Terry admits what hbw has been saying for months, the forum is just old posts. Another rodoh clown admits the forum has become a joke, which indeed is another well established fact.

They must be congratulated for showing a flicker of honesty for maybe the first time in their lives, nick terry has stated the holocaust revisionist movement is dying, RODOH and HC are in terminal decline- key members like Roberto, Romanov and Hans aka Andy, Max63, Fritz the Rat, Harrison will all have to take up a new hobby - stamp collecting or model trains - there you go boys two very good hobbies for you to pursue.

Best regards,


Holocaust Controversies a dead blog managed by dead beat hate bloggers!

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Dearest Members,

Have you taken a glance through the Holocaust Controversies hate blog these days?

Well I have and I must report that sorry little blog is dying a slower death than even the silly RODOH forum

You will only find repost threads from Roberto Muehlenkamp, nothing from Nick Terry for years, Sergey Romanov is in hiding, and Jonathan Harrison has nothing worthwhile to say.

Here are the latest stats from Alexa:

As you can clearly see that shitty hate blog is ranked over 3.4 million!


That low ranking is despite Muehlenkamp's claim that ARC was giving them free publicity when they posted the header on their website pages that basically stated Nick Terry, Muehlenkamp and that moron Sergey Romanov were useless.

That HC hate blog group is a waste of life.

HD 2010


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Dear Readers,

It is important to try and educate in respect of holocaust education and research and we have identified that Sergey Romanov with his hopelessly sloppy approach to research is in need of some guidance.

Sergey wrote on RODOH on 23 March 2007: "Well sorry, but who claims that Hitler had any sort of muderous program for Jews in mind in 1939. Nobody. The decision was taken around Oct 194."

In 1922 Josef Hell asked Hitler "What do you want to do to the Jews once you have full discretionary powers?"Hitler responded;

"Once I really am in power my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews. As soon as I have the power to do so I will have gallows built in rows - at the Marienplatz in Munich, for example - as many as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged indiscrimately and they will remain hanging until they stink. As soon as they have been untied, the next batch will be strung up and so on down the line, until the last Jew...

Nick Terry must regret everytime Roberto Muehlenkamp shoots his mouth off...

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Nick Terry has clearly toned down his attack rhetoric in the last 6 months. Most certainly due to being exposed online as the Hate Blogger he is.

However this has not prevented Roberto "Mellonhead" Muehlenkamp from flapping his gums!

Problem for Terry is; everytime Mellonhead opens his trap, it only sheds further light on the culpability of Nick Terry in hate forums and blogs. Nick hates this exposure, he won't publicly admit it, but we've been forwarded PM's and emails that state other wise.

These hate bloggers are rabid jackals and will turn on each other like beasts at the drop of a hat.

Nick Terry has a wonderful list of low-class pals!

"End the Hate"

German School Teacher Michael Peters of Alfstedt supports Holocaust Hate Blog!

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Dearest Forum Members,

Michael Peters of Alfstedt, (also known as HANS on the hate forums and blogs) is one of the individuals directly responsible for aiding the despised hate Bloggers Sergey Romanov and his cronies, attack the ARC http://www.deathcamps.org/ website. Most are aware of how they attempted to plant fake documents and forged photos on Mr. Chris Webb's site. (ARC).

Peters (or HANS) was exposed and the the hate bloggers were shut down and these scum were prevented from success (see these links for the full details)
[Sergey Romanov and Michael Peters]

The Marginalization of Sergey Romanov

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Dear Readers,

Oh how the mighty have fallen - although mighty is a bit overstated

Sergey Romanov who spread himself across the holocaust internet forums in such a dishonest and thuggish way has now been reduced on some forums to hiding behind the alias Dimity - short for Dimwit has been found wanting again.

The detested auditor from New York likes to claim he is from Moscow - and he started a thread on Axis History Forum "The Oscar to an anti-semite and holocaust denier - Romanov's one trick pony thread.

Penn 44 replied: "Why is this worthy to discuss from a historical perspective? Are we going to post every news article on every anti-semite out there?

Sergey do us a favour and dont post such junk!

Well said that man - Sergey with his sloppy and careless approach to holocaust research and his deplorable attacks on renowed holocaust websites show him up for the dimwit he really is, his lack of respect and...

The dying RODOH forum wishes it were the CODOH forum

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Hello to HBW members.

I just took a glance through the dying RODOH forum and was surprised to see so many posts there about the CODOH forum. It appears that the rodomites wish to emulate CODOH but aren't having much success.

Most know that CODOH is a revisionist forum that debates the legacy of the Holocaust. Whereas RODOH is a silly forum dedicated to discord and mud-slinging.

The revisionist forum appears to have a thriving membership whereas the hate forum RODOH is composed of about five or six regulars [the house loons] that sling mud back and forth at each other like chimpanzees slinging poop in a zoo.

Here are a few samples of their scholarship:

Tons of posts about CODOH

They can't stop talking about CODOH


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Dear Readers,

Nick Terry wrote on RODOH on the 30 December 2009 using his Soviet Army officer avatar, in response to a post by little grey braincell - sorry little grey rabit and I quote;

"Wahrheitseeker isnt a sparring partner he is someone who can participate in sensible informed discusions, just like HANS, or anyone else we have welcomed over at HC"

Now as pointed out in the latest HC postings Muhlenkamp has identified Hans as the guest blogger on Holocaust Controversies, confirming what Terry said.

We at HBW have proved that Hans is no other than Mike Peters who was booted out of ARC for the production and planting of fake material on the deathcamps. org website, and for secret membership on various hate-blogs, such as HC and RODOH. We have been given cast iron proof of Peters and other HC members guilt in these despicable antics, which we understand also resulted in their exile...

RODOH's unrequited love affair with Lisciotto of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

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Forum Members,

Expounding a little on a comment made by Concerned in this thread, it does appear that not only do the despised Hate Bloggers Sergey Romanov, Nick Terry, and Roberto Muehlenkamp have a warped infatuation for H.E.A.R.T founders Carmelo Lisciotto and Chris Webb, they have taken it to new heights.

In this post on the hate forum RODOH you see poopdog attempt to link the HEART founder Carmelo Lisciotto with the insanity of that lame forum as well as making weird insinuations that one of the founders of perhaps the most popular Holocaust Narrative websites ever, would associate on a revisionist forum such as CODOH.

For those familiar with the history of the hate blog (Holocaust...

Did Holocaust Hate Blogging cost Roberto Muehlenkamp a Wife?

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Dearest Forum,

By now we are all well versed in the moronic antics of hate bloggers Roberto Muehlenkamp, Sergey Romanov, and Nick Terry. But many of you may not be aware that due to his online foolishness, Roberto was dumped by his wife! smiley: nerd

Imagine that! His dear wife grew tired of listening to him rant and rave agains Nazi's against Jews, agains HEART, against ARC, and everyone else and gave him a ultimatum... Either cut out the online hate crap or she was leaving!

Well the deranged Muehlenkamp...

HANS (Mike Peters the molester from Alfstedt) strikes back on CODOH!

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Dearest Forum Members,


Michael Peters, the molester from Alfstedt, Germany (aka HANS) posted a tirade on CODOH where he attempted to attack a revisionist's methodology. If you read the post you can clearly note the tone of challenge being put forth in the paragraphs.

Point being, these RODOH hate forum scum have once again shown they have a single purpose only. One of controversy and disruption!

But this guy, this Mike Peters who has been investigated for impropriety with children truly has no place opening his foul mouth!

These hate bloggers like Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov, Roberto Muehlenkamp and Peters have no class at all!



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Dear Readers,

tfsfcsupporter wrote on RODOH on the 19 May 2009 - Look how stupid Roberto is - this thread has made the best of RODOH top ten. Lol

Whilst we wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments in the title - this is no great controversy here - stupidity is Roberto's middle name - this initial heavy moron really hits cupid-stupid below the belt by pointing out Roberto's wife, showed a flicker of good taste, by leaving him for a real man.

He probably wrote a love letter to her like one of his threads and she lost the will to live half way through it - jeez he likes using a thousand words when two would convey the same message.

Stop wasting your time on HC and RODOH and start acting like Romeo btw thats not a new name for Romanov - although he might like to use it as Dimity the Dimwit is just a laughing stock now

Best regards,


Revisionists call Nick Terry's hate forum Rodoh, low class!

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In the following thread RODOH forum attempts to bait CODOH members to join them few people have anything positive to say about RODOH.

Now its true the this post was placed on CODOH a revisionist website. However that doesn't make the posters wrong when it comes to obejective assessments of Nick Terry's hate forum RODOH.

In the thread RODOH is referred to as low class, Internet thuggery, despotic, stupid, poorly researched, twisted, and a plethora of other expletives...

We find many of those same descriptive terms used to also describe Terry's hate blog "Holocaustcontroversies"

Nick Terry of Exeter University...


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Dear Readers,

Nexgen has proudly announced on RODOH a new thread the best of RODOH on the 27 October 2010

A sorry collection of garbage which would just about fit on a postage stamp

But maybe this was a clever move by Terry to bring to the fore a whole collection of ancient threads some older than Abe Lincoln - in a desperate move to stimulate new debate into a forum slowly dying a slow death by a thousand cuts.

I read somewhere on this truly deplorable forum that Roberto wouldn't resign as it was too much fun debatng with deniers - what's fun about the holocaust - the holocaust hapened there is no controversy- nothing to laugh about - all who engage is this bunkum have no honor and no shame and no standing.

Best regards,


Roberto Muhlenkamp Loses it again

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Dear Readers

Robertoe Muhlenkamp has demonstrated many things on his 23 October post on RODOH - he again attacks H.E.A.R.T and its founders.

He again defends his partners in crime Romanov, Terry and himself by re-posting the unreliable and hopelessly inaccurate ramblings of Sergey Romanov in 2006

He fails to mention their part in the production and planting of fake material, which is why they were kicked out of ARC - Webb certainly was bumbling there - obviously so - a word RM likes to use a lot

As for Lisciotto being a cretin - this cretin has whipped your ass at every turn - so where does that leave you and the other HC morons.

Left for dead ?

So RM why do you, Terry and Romanov attack a Holocaust Memorial site, are you really revisionists in disguise or neo-nazis -or is it you just got found out for what you are and you just cant handle that?

CODOH is an awful site, but for them to mock RODOH and HC has to...

Nick Terry & Sergey Romanov - RODOH forums resident communist and hate bloggers

Monday, October 25, 2010, 11:20:44 PM feeds@kickapps.com (IPT)Go to full article
*note Roberto Muehlenkamp is left out of the thread title due to his lack of relevance to everything in general.

There can be no doubt that the British history instructor Nick Terry (Exeter University), is a devout Marxist/Communist. However he is also an infamous Holocaust Hate Blogger.

The same holds true for his partner in crime the much despised Sergey Romanov.

What isn't fully understood is why Terry has chosen a path of hatred and strife? He's not the brightest bulb in the lamp thats clear, but why make a total mockery of ones self on the Internet?

In the case of Sergey Romanov, well he's just a dimwitted, wimpy little guy that probably got smacked around his entire life in Russia, then emigrated to the USA, and with his new found freedom derived an over inflated sense of self importance.

But its quite likely he gets smacked around there as well, and hence the reason he lives on the Internet haranguing and...

Exeter's own Dr Nick Terry launches attacks on Holocaust websites via his Hate Blog!

Sunday, October 24, 2010, 3:56:13 PM feeds@kickapps.com (profg)Go to full article
Dr. Nick Terry of Exeter-His hate blog attacks The Holocaust Research Project yet AGAIN!

The despised holocaust controversies hate blog (owned by Terry) launched another baseless attack against the popular education website www.holocaustresearchproject.org

This latest attack links to a tirade on the hate forum RODOH where Nick Terry's partner Roberto Muehlenkook rampages against the founders of H.E.A.R.T.

In his rant he goes on to pretend as if he wasn't thoroughly humiliated by another great website www.deathcamps.org founded and owned by renowned scholar Chris Webb! Deathcamps.org recently published a banner on their website warning of the dangers of Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov and Roberto Muehlenkamp! Muehlenkook then also states that Webb falsely appropriated his own website yet doesn't explain how exactly one appropriates their own property???

He even had the audacity to lay blame for the miserable rankings of his hate blog at...

RODOH Hate Forum implodes in paranoia and despair!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 7:14:43 PM feeds@kickapps.com (Herodotus2010)Go to full article
Dearest members

With grave concern I must report that the hate forum moderators at RODOH have finally gone off the deep end!

The lingering cancer-like death of their forum has evolved into an outright implosion!

See the latest attack by Nick Terry associate Nexgen:

We must all keep in mind that the RODONS have suffered so profusely from lack of readership, stale posts, and rehashed boring arguements, that they've taken to baiting revisionists on CODOH in an attempt to drum up some controversy.

However rather than taking the bait the revisionists at CODOH.com have shown absolutely no interest in their antics other than to laugh and crack a few jokes at the expense of the rodoh hate forum members.

Dearest Nexgen,
You've already ruined your forum by conning Scott Smith into allowing the documented...

What if Dr. Nick Terry apologized for attacking ARC and slandering H.E.A.R.T?

Monday, October 18, 2010, 12:45:08 PM feeds@kickapps.com (concerned)Go to full article
Hello to everyone in the forum,

I just wanted raise a question to all members now that I'm fully up to speed on the crimes of Dr. Nick Terry and his associates Sergey Romanov, Roberto Muehlenkamp and to some extent a Dr. Andrew Mathis, of the Holocaust Controversies hate blog.

Everyone is keenly aware of what these gentlemen did, and attempted to do, so I wont go into further detail, rather my question is;

"What if these hate bloggers made a formal apology to the ARC group and ceased slandering the famous H.E.A.R.T Website?"

While I do realize the depravity in the way these men have conducted themselves, I wonder - would such an apology hold any validity or sincerity?

Clearly Dr. Nick Terry's better days are behind him. Childish antics on prepubescent forums is all he's left with. Dr. Terry why not try to redeem yourself?

Why not right your wrongs? (despite how...

NickTerry hate forum begging Holocaust revisionist to join them!

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Dear readers.

If it wasn't embarrassing enough for Hate Blogger Nick Terry to have lost all readership on his holocaustcontroversies hate blog, now we see that the Hate forum RODOH is also in a tailspin headed for the the abyss.

Check out the readership, hardly anyone posts there except the same 5 or 6 people, the threads are mostly old crap rehashed, or childish bickering devoid of any scholarship...

But now we see the RODOH moderators so desperate for members they are even trying to entice known Holocaust revisionist to join their club

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