Friday, August 20, 2010

US Taxpayers foot the bill for Nick Terry Holocaust Hate blog activity!

Statement by Sara J. Bloomfield, Director
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Submitted for the Record
House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies
March 17, 2010


...Because the Holocaust is still a relatively new field of academic study, the Museum's
Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies has become the global leader in promoting the
growth and vitality of Holocaust research and teaching. In 2009, the Center awarded 26
fellowships to scholars from eight states and nine foreign countries, allowing them to
conduct research that provided new insights into the history and causes of the Holocaust.

End exerpt------------------

Nick Terry is the owner of the holocaust hate blog Holocaustcontroversies

This is the team that has been attacking Elie Wiesel, and other survivors. As well as having been involved in attempting to plant faked documents and photos on a well respected Holocaust website

Members of that same team later admitted they vandalized that same website and launched a half-decade long attack against its sister site

These hate blogger have launched numerous personal attacks. Sent harrassing emails, telephone calls, threats and other general unpleasantries.

So what is the connection you ask?

Well Nick Terry was one of the USHMM fellows mentioned in the exerpt above.

US Tax payer dollars were spent to fund this hate blogger and this type of activity he's been engaged in.

Do you think US Tax payers should be flipping the bill for attacks against Eli Wiesel or to vandalize Holocaust websites?

We don't either!

Write to Sara J. Bloomfield, Director
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

and tell her no more funds for Hate bloggers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The bitterness of hate blogger Nick Terry

If being a hate blogger and Internet criminal wasn't enough. Nick Terry the history instructor from Exeter University and Holocaust hate monger has become quite bitter it seems.

Recently, emails have surfaced in which Nick Terry denies all culpability and connection to the ARC attacks, and went so far as to say he doesn't regret being denied membership to HEART.

Nick Terry who is also known as the USHMM Fallen Fellow continues to show his true colors on forums like RODOH where he occasionally posts some hateful diatribe against anyone he happens to disagree with at the moment.

His posts are filled with vitriol, slander, personal attacks and quite often historical inaccuracies.

Nick Terry has connections to the RODOH admins so when someone does push back on him, he has them censored.

Clearly this man has gone over the edge.

Faculty at the Sorbonne in Paris refuse to have anything to do with him, as well as many prominent members of the academic world.

With everything collapsing around him Nick Terry becomes increasingly bitter.

Its a safe bet that over time his hate blog activities and relationship to the despised Sergey Romanov will implode and he will stay in hiding for good.

What more good decent people wish for :)