Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Nick Terry RODOH conspiracy!

It's no secret that Hate Blogger Nick Terry aka The USHMM'S Fallen Fellow, has been pulling the strings over at the RODOH forum.

What used to be the mechanism for debating Holocaust denial has simply become an outlet for Nick Terry and his merry band of morons to save face (after being exposed by so many).

Nick Terry can't exist unless its in a "rigged game" he can only post on RODOH where if someone exposes him or calls him out for his crimes, he can have the post deleted and the user banned by his moderator pals.

Nothing new on RODOH these days. They've even gone so far as to rehash old threads in order to stimulate visitors... but no one really wants to be an audience for pudgy little Nick Terry's bloviating.

Sergey Romanov, Terry, Muehlenkamp failed to destroy ARC, H.E.A.R.T and other websites but suceeded in ruining RODOH.

Score one for the Hate bloggers!

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