Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is Nick Terry the USHMM 'Fallen Fellow" ?

Nick Terry a former USHMM 2004–2005 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow who received monetary grants by the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies can do nothing but cause continued embarrassment and shame to the USHMM these days.

Emails have surfaced that show a conspiratorial attempt by his hate blog team:[] to threaten, steal and black mail the owner of the ARC website into turning over the website, the URL and materials to the hate blog team.

Nick Terry will deny culpability of course but enough linkage and online evidence has been accumulated, correlated and cross-referenced to the email evidence obtained, that at a minimum validates that he supported the actions of his fellow hate bloggers. (but we're not done going through all the evidence)

So just how guilty is Nick Terry? Does it even matter?

All of this material will be made available publicly!

Some points to consider:

Do you think that people linked to such activity in anwy way, should be awarded monetary grants by the USHMM?

Should US taxpayers be footing the bill for known hate bloggers?

In the meantime should anyone wish to express their concerns to the USHMM the contact information is listed below.

Please direct inquiries to:

Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW

Washington DC 20024-2126

Tel: (202) 314-7829

Fax: (202) 479-9726


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