Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hate bloggers Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov, debaters, deniers or nutcases?

For those who have been following our awareness campaign to "out" the documented hate bloggers Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov the question continually arises as to why do these two despicable hate bloggers claim to be debunking Holocaust denial claims in one paragraph, then attack Jews, Holocaust memorial websites in the next.

Are the Nick Terry hate blogs the latest form of anti-Semitism? Its self evident the stupidity of arguing with Holocaust deniers so why does Sergey Romanov who claims to be a genius bother with it? Does it make sense?

We don't believe it does make sense. In fact we believe its a sham. The entire Nick Terrn holocaustcontroversies hate blog is a fraud. These are not debunkers of revisionism. They are sadistic cruel individuals who revel in the pleasure of discussing the grisly details of the way millions of Jews were murdered during the holocaust.

They have even been accused of being potential neo-Nazi's as can be read here: Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov as SS sleeper agents !

There are thousands of posts exposing the hatred put forth by Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov! Any Google search on the Internet will yield tons of results.

You will find news of Holocaust websites attacked by the Nick Terry Team, you will see posts about how they were banned from some website: Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov Banned, you will find petitions raised against them asking why Exeter University in the UK would promote Nick Terry Hate blogs.

You will find discussions on forums raising questions as to why the USHMM would fund Nick Terry and his role at the Sorbonne conference evidence of how they had entire threads censored and banned from forums: Nick Terry promotes censorship at RODOH .

You might even run across some hilarious posts showing how Nick Terry an instructor at Exeter University and USHMM's Fallen Fellow sent a begging letter to Google and other sites asking that the awareness campaign against them be censored, see this link:
Nick Terry of Exeter grovels to Google !

No matter how Sergey Romanov or Nick Terry attempt to spin their activities, its plain to see they both border on the psychotic and have done nothing but cause harm to Holocaust remembrance.

Do you think they are legitimate debaters? Or subversive neo-Nazi kooks?

You can speak your mind at: http://hateblogwatch.yuku.com

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