Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick Terry Hate blog admits they hate Elie Wiesel!

As if attacking Holocaust memorial sites like and vandalizing wasn't enough for this hate blog team.

Now they have to go and smear Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel!

In Nick Terry's hate blog [holocaustcontroversies.blogspot] fellow hate blogger Roberto Muehlenkamp who was recently banned from the ARC website, wrote the following when referring to Wiesel:

"I sure hope he is an imposter ...For I can't stand the fellow"

For a guy to claim he fights revisionism and neo-Nazi hatred he sure seems to hate Jews.

He goes on to say that Wiesel has no relevance in Holocaust history...

No relevance? Really?

screen shot from the Holocaust hate blog

If you're tired of anti-Semitism and Holocaust hatred speak your mind! visit the forum at and make your opinion known!

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