Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick Terry Hate blog admits they hate Elie Wiesel!

As if attacking Holocaust memorial sites like and vandalizing wasn't enough for this hate blog team.

Now they have to go and smear Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel!

In Nick Terry's hate blog [holocaustcontroversies.blogspot] fellow hate blogger Roberto Muehlenkamp who was recently banned from the ARC website, wrote the following when referring to Wiesel:

"I sure hope he is an imposter ...For I can't stand the fellow"

For a guy to claim he fights revisionism and neo-Nazi hatred he sure seems to hate Jews.

He goes on to say that Wiesel has no relevance in Holocaust history...

No relevance? Really?

screen shot from the Holocaust hate blog

If you're tired of anti-Semitism and Holocaust hatred speak your mind! visit the forum at and make your opinion known!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A bad month for Hate Bloggers!

May 2010 saw the launch of two new platforms for combating Holocaust Hate Bloggers!

The first is our blog

and the other is the the wonderful forum created my the well respected Hate blog researcher Sophie Scholl

We've seen very little of despised hate blogger Nick Terry and his thug Sergey Romanov since the launch of these awareness sites.

They are laying low its clear, but we all remain convinced they are plotting their next diabolical move to hurt the cause of Holocaust remembrance or create some negative controversy sometime in the very near future.

However let's enjoy the time we have (minus) these gutless cowards.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nick Terry Hate blogs - The new face of anti-Semitism?

Fewer and fewer people take the charge of anti-Semitism seriously these days.

And that is because its meaning has been trivialized by the hate blogs such as Nick Terry and
Sergey Romanov's Holocaustcontroversies.blogspot !

Unfortunately, the term "anti-Semite" has been so utterly hijacked by these guys that it has hardly any sting anymore (even in situations where it should).

How can one attack Holocaust denial in forums and blogs and in the very next post attack Holocaust professors, memorial websites like

...and specifically in the case of the holocaustcaustcontroversies hate blog team, conspire to steal someone else's website, and then when you fail to do so, go on to vandalize it to the point that the work is almost lost forever!

[See for information on this]

How does one reconcile such actions and claim to be anti-Holocaust denial?

Holocaust denial is flourishing in the Arab world. It’s one of the 21st-century’s fastest-growing forms of counter knowledge now, at last, someone has grasped the nettle. As the historian Deborah Lipstadt is planning to translate parts of her website Holocaust Denial on Trial into Arabic.

But when one claims to fight Holocaust denial but employs Nazi tactics and behaves like SA thugs how can this do anything but harm to the cause of fighting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial!

Unless of course the end goal isn't really about fighting Holocaust denial at all...

Is hate blogging of the sort portrayed on Nick Terry's Holocaustcontroversies.blogspot be the new face of anti-Semitism? Is internet thug Sergey Romanov the new Heydrich and Roberto Meuhlenkamp the bumbling Hans Frank?

Are hate blogs the new Protocols of Zion?

There are many questions to be answered and we are committed to the cause of raising awareness to this new face of anti-Semitism!

More to come...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hate Blog Watch forum created on yuku to counter Holocaustcontroversies hate blog!

Hate bloggers Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov have been hard at work forcing censorship on the once respectable RODOH forum.

To counter this Hate Blog Watch contributor Sophie Scholl aka The White Rose has launched a new forum dedicated to discussion on Holocaust Hate Bloggers and their methods.

Hate blogger Nick Terry forces forum moderators to delete thread...

Hate bloggers Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov in a rage have forced the RODOH moderators to remove a thread that was exposing their activities on the hate blog holocaustcontroversies !

You can read the full story here:

Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov force Rodoh to do their bidding

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hate Blog Watch exposing Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov

For more than 2,400 hundred years, Western philosophers and psychologists have sought to understand the origins of hate.

Are humans benign, content creatures with a voluntary ability to express discontent? Or are we slaves to an uncontrollable boiling point, beyond which our behavior can no longer be contained?

Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed a person could choose whether to like or dislike a person: "We can prove people to be friends or enemies," he wrote in Rhetoric:

"If they are not, we can make them out to be so; if they claim to be so, we can refute their claim; and if it is disputed whether an action was due to anger or to hatred, we can attribute it to whichever of these we prefer."

But animosity and hatred can some times this can be taken too far and when that occurs the perpetrators must be exposed!

Such is the purpose of Hate Blog Watch!

Holocaust Hate bloggers Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov
have been attacking Holocaust memorial websites such as
, the Action Reinhard Camps website,, even University professors! These attacks have been going on for years, in the case of

Sergey Romanov smear attacks against H.E.A.R.T
founder they span over a decade.

But the activity of some of these people has progressed from simple slander and Internet smear posts to criminal actions such as extortian, harrassment, threats of violence, intimidation, even black mail!

One hate bloge and its sister site are managed by an infamous team of hate mongers lead by Nick Terry aka The Hate Blogger of Exeter and his criminal partner Sergey Romanov.

Hate Blog Watch will soon publish irrefutable evidence of Extortion, Harassment, Stalking by members of the Holocaustcontroversies hate blog team, and evidence of how these crimes were either supported or ignored by Nick Terry of Exeter University in Devon, UK

We advise readers to check in periodically for an update on the release of this information!